children to eat healthy at home

Following a healthy diet is essential at any time in life, but it is even more so in childhood when the body is constantly developing. If, in addition, we are going through such exceptional circumstances as the current ones, where the routines of adults and children are altered, eating healthy becomes a crucial need.

Without work or school schedules that regulate the day to day and after spending several weeks without being able to leave the house or do regular physical activity, one of the great threats that have emerged in recent months is the increase in body weight associated with other problems health, the result of an inadequate diet and sedentary lifestyle. “It is undeniable that the diet at home has been altered and it is even easier than before that we fall into the abuse of unhealthy foods, such as sweets or pre-cooked dishes, with greater amounts of fat, sugar or salt,” he explains Eduardo González Zorzano, a scientific expert at Cinfa, a laboratory with 100% national capital, located in Navarra, which leads the Spanish pharmaceutical market and employs approximately 1,100 peopl

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