What Is A Virtual Credit Card

Whenever we transfer money online or take money from someone in our account, we can use virtual credit card.  This can prevent fraud in banking.

 How To Create A Virtual Credit Card?

If you also want to make a virtual credit card for yourself, then you can make one online.  Virtual credit card is created by the application of the bank.  Different banking applications launch their own facility to create virtual credit cards in their applications.  Below we are telling you how to make a virtual credit card from some  bank.

 ICICI Pocket Wallet

ICICI is a virtual credit card offered by the bank.  Using it, you can deposit money online, withdraw.  You can pay anywhere, electricity bill, mobile recharge etc.

 Axis Bank

If you want to enjoy the virtual credit card facility through Axis Bank, then for this you will have to enter the details of your ATM card and Internet banking on the official website of Axis Bank.  After that you can enjoy Axis Bank Virtual Credit Card.

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